"I have lived on the Outer Banks since 1976. My first job was at the Avalon Pancake House (now Awful Arthur's) where I was a very bad waitress. I soon after moved into a house named "Maniac Manor" and ended up being a pretty good bartender. I also was fortunate to work for a local goldsmith and designer for a year, and I soon began experimenting with my own line of jewelry in 1986. I had studied art at Old Dominion University prior to moving to the Outer Banks and returned to college recently for more art and jewelry classes at the College of the Albemarle.

"I've lived by the ocean almost my entire life. As such, I am an avid beachcomber and passionate beach glass collector. Finding a frosty well-worn shard of glass washed up on the shore is like finding a diamond--a beach diamond. Created from trash to a treasure, true beach glass is polished to perfection through decades of being tumbled in surf and sand, then miraculously delivered to the shoreline to be found by me or another forunate beachcomber.

"When you find these little gems on the beach, they are usually framed by sand, pebbles, sea shells, seaweed, and sea foam. It is this environment that I strive to capture when creating beach glass jewelry. Using precious metal wire I weave around the glass allowing as much light to pass through it as possible. With the addition of pearls, gemstone beads and, crystals that emulate water and sunlight, I create what I call "Low Tide Jewels"."