When I first began making elaborate beach glass bracelets with all the embellishments, I realized they looked like miniature crowns and that they could be worn first as a tiara, then as a bracelet. I then began to think what a special and appropriate touch this jewelry added to a beach bride's wedding couture.

Since then, I have custom-designed beach glass jewelry for hundreds of beach brides. While I do offer some pieces out of my inventory, I find that customizing a piece of jewelry that refects the brides' unique style on her wedding day is the most rewarding experience for both of us.

I meet with my brides prior to their special day, understand their style and desires, then get to work, using only authentic, natural beach glass as the focus for their pieces. Many times, brides will bring me their own beach glass that can be incorporated into their bridal jewelry, making it even more meaningful.

I can create all kinds of special beach glass accents for your wedding day:

· Tiaras
· Bracelets
· Rings
· Earrings
· Hair accents
· Boutonni√®res

· Napkin rings
· Bouquet accents
· Goblet accents
· Wedding favors
...and more.

Take a look at our jewelry gallery for samples of my custom work.