The term beach glass, refers to a piece of glass that has been tumbled in sand and seawater for a long period of time until it is polished smooth. The glass I use was actually found on the beach, primarily in this area.

A well-worn piece of beach glass that is completely smooth with a cloudy yet glowing appearance may have been in the ocean for decades. Depending on the color and well-worn appearance, the glass can be dated back to the early 1900's.

In my mind, the beauty in a well-worn piece of beach glass is hard to compare. Each piece is unique in shape and glows with an inner light similar to that of a moonstone. I'd like to think that I am enhancing the natural beauty of each piece by placing it in a setting where it can truly shine.

My designs are meant to capture the fluid lines of the ocean and coastline. At times the glass may appear to be hidden just beneath the surface, as if one is actually reaching down into the ocean or sand to retrieve this rare wonder that man and Mother Nature created together.

For more information on beach glass check out Pure Sea Glass, Discovering Natures Vanishing Gems, a wonderful book by Richard LaMotte.